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Empowerment Sessions
Empowerment Sessions
Mar 13, 2024, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
1703 Monongahela Ave, Swissvale, PA 15218, USA
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Branding Kingz

“Don’t just exist, live life.”

Welcome! Branding Kingz is poised to guide emerging entrepreneurs and influencers by offering invaluable insights into the ever-shifting landscape of corporate business.

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Marketing, Branding & Finance To Empower You

Smart Branding Courses

A learning divide exists between creatives and executives. The adage "The game is to be sold, not told" has held its ground, as things given for free often go unappreciated. However, this sentiment has become somewhat dated due to the ready accessibility of information on the internet. Our objective is to engage in comprehensive conversations about the marketing, branding, and financial facets of business and entrepreneurship. This aims to adeptly prepare developers for triumph, encompassing short-term marketing strategies, enduring branding efforts, and the art of utilizing finances to transform dreams into tangible reality.

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In the near future, this website will offer 4 initial courses, intro to smart business, intro to smart marketing, intro course to smart branding & intro to smart financing. To start, our courses will explain the 7 types of businesses & the 10 types of business structures. This will define what type of business you are targeting & what it takes legally to start the business. Courses soon to be released online.

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Astral Lights

New Medical Cannabis Strain, Apparel Line & Soundtrack

 Astral Lights, a novel strain of medical cannabis, is a collaborative endeavor by Salt City Seeds, 808 Genetics, Branding Kingz LLC, OG Seeds & MGB’s World. Operating across key locations such as the United Kingdom, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Florida, our objective is to establish Astral Lights as a household name in the medical cannabis community, fostering brand awareness and profitability to support the introduction of future strains.

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Founded in 2018 in Atlanta, GA, our agency emerged with a decade's worth of accumulated resources and a steadfast marketing focus, swiftly garnering recognition within the entertainment industry. Amidst the peak of the pandemic in 2020, we boldly shifted our operations to Pittsburgh, PA, and meticulously reconfigured our business to thrive in the face of dynamic environments. This strategic evolution encompassed diverse sectors, notably including fintech, retail, medical marijuana, and real estate.

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